Saturday, December 18, 2010


It seems that I haven't updated this blog in forever, considering it's been over a month now.

I was pretty busy, a trip to WDW, which, as always, I really enjoyed. Pictures should be updated very soon from that trip. Secondly, school, is, as always, busy and hectic. Finally, I recently throughly enjoyed the newest Disney Movie, Tangled.

It seems appropriate for the title of this blog post to be Forever for two reasons. First, because I haven't updated in so long, and secondly, because Rapunzel has been locked away in her tower for...forever basically.

The movie was wonderful, with comedy, romance, music, classic characters, adventure, and never ending surprise. I was sure each time that they were going to die! It seems that now that I've seen the movie, I'm totally addicted to it. And considering I haven't been this crazy about a movie since Cars, you know its a good movie. Of course I didn't have this lovely blog when cars came out in 2006, 4 years ago, but I can't believe that even after all this time, I'm still posting on this blog.

As the holiday season is upon us, I will be working on another few month's worth of blog entries, so expect a new one each week. Lets see if we can find people to subscribe to this blog! GO WDW KIDS!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Excitement at a Whole New Level

For those who have never been to WDW or Disneyland, this is a harder topic to comprehend. I know from much personal experience what excitement is. Considering my family vacations to WDW about once a year, it is hard not to get excited about the next trip, especially when you know when you are going.

I always have my little ticker on my Laptop that shows how many days are left until my next vacation, although I really don't start to count down until about the last month. During the last month, and especially the last two weeks, it seems that all I have on my mind is Disney, well, planning for Disney. I have to get the form for an excused absence for school, get homework ahead of time, think about packing and what I need to bring, thinking about this and that, and so on and so on. It sounds like a lot of work, right?

What is really does is just make me more excited. I'm excited to do my homework for Biology ahead of time, and excited to think about packing. The anticipation of getting on that airplane to go to WDW is something that not everyone in this world can experience. It is a feeling that is not only related to Disney either. Maybe your family goes to Colorado every summer (I've been there and its beautiful!), or you take a trip with your dad on a camping trip. These are the things that make us so excited, and its because we know we will be happy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

For the Love of Disney

In a way, you can take the title of this particular post two different ways. Number one would be the literal way, our love for Disney. The other way would be to ask just how far some people go for their love of Disney.

Recently, I have watched a video and seen pictures of a home designer that really takes Disney to the extreme. He builds homes, is an animator, has "Imaginators" and a little Mouse as a mascot. All of these things really make it look like Disney. He even has a web show featuring his newest homes that resembles the classic show "Walt Disney's Disneyland" or later called "The Wonderful World of Color" TV show. Watching the half an hour video on some of the homes he is most proud of made me think of this topic. Just how far will some of us go with our love of Disney, or anything else for that matter?

I'm personally proud of my "Disney Freak" ways. Its half of my life, and it always will be. I'll always have the memories I shared with my family at Disney World when I was younger, even if as I grow older I don't travel there every year like I do now. I'll still have the Disney Classic movies to old on to, and my copies of the special DVD editions of the classic cartoons and Disney shows. My art projects I made featuring Disney will always surround me, or for as long as I can try to at least. That's what makes me a Disney Freak.

There are people out there who devote their entire lives to everything and anything Disney. Those people are not me. I'm just another Disney lover. Another 15 year old one at least. I'll always be that, another Disney lover, while others will go to the extremes. I'm sure I'll talk more about this topic as I continue my blog. Really though, this blog is not about me. And in a way, its not about Disney totally either. Its really about us, the Imagineers, the cast members, and everyone who makes Disney what it is today. I would like to thank them for that, because without their hard work, I would not be who I am today.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The difference of Disney

As I have often said, I am often asked why I continue to go to Disney, and why it doesn't get boring everytime, even though I have already been there so many times. But what I really see is not the thing that is old, but what is always new. Disney brings something different to their parks that no other place can. Maybe after a few trips to the local zoo, or a museum, it becomes boring, but Disney...Never.

That's the thing about Disney. There is always something new, a movie, a ride, new people to meet, new experiences. Even though you always see the same things too, those new things are what make it most special. But yet, there is more than just the new things that make Disney different...

There are the people most of all. The cast members that make our vacations or family outings the best they can be. From saying hello, happy birthday, or how are you, to giving you a special pin, chat or lifetime memory. The Cast Members at any of the Disney Parks are there because they want to make your day the best it can be, and none the less.

Its these, and not only these things that really make our love of Disney possible, because without them, we wouldn't be so ready to pack our bags and go to Disney World or Disneyland. These things can be found no where else, and nothing can come close to them, and that is what makes anything else, Different from Disney.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Lesson Worth Learning

As the world enjoys Toy Story 3, just as I did, we see the new characters, the old characters, the stories, the thickened plot, the hilarious moments, and the evil moments, but something that not everyone will see as they gaze upon the silver screen is really the most important thing of all. Looking back at the first two Toy Stories, those same characters and hilarious moments come back into my mind, but there too, hiding in what appears to be the shadows, is something that all of us need to understand.

Not only in those shadows do I see dusty old toys and Disney magic, but I see something that really brings out the best in Disney and Pixar...the lessons that have been learned. In the first Toy Story, we were taught the meaning of Friendship, as Woody goes through periods of jealousy over Andy's new toy...Buzz, and eventually ends up as we all know he does, best friends with a space toy, who took his place to a point, it shows us all that no matter how different you always will have a friend in that other "toy". As Toy Story 2 came out and continued the saga of Toys, we introduce new characters, ones that will once again, capture our hearts in a different way, and although the lesson of friendship is similar, it also shows us that we should never give up, and that you should always be loyal to those friends, no matter how much trouble they seem to be in.

But once you come upon the Third part of the Story, everything takes a turn. Andy is grown up, and heading off to College. Many toys are missing, including Bo Peep, known to Woody as someone to love. The Toys have been split, many donated to different places, and some, just thrown into the trash. What the toys have dreaded all those years with Andy is finally upon them, and its time to face it. The toys find themselves in more than one place where it seems impossible to escape, and at one point, which seems the end, hold hands, and prepare for the end of their lives. But as they escape more than once, and they eventually make it back to Andy as he prepares to leave for College, Woody must make the decision of his life, one that will change everything we know about the gang, and as I believe, about Disney. Andy donates the toys again, but to a place where Woody knows is wonderful, and as Andy comes upon Woody in the box, something inside Andy shows us that time does move too quickly. We all grow up in our lives, and continue to escape those though times, just as the Toys did, but the lesson in Toy Story 3 is something that not even I can explain with words.

To understand the lesson, you need to see the movie, and as Andy thinks about all those good times with the gang, something inside of you will click too, something that will make you think about the lesson, but need to just pull it out of the shadows.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Success in the Form of Disney

Success can come in many forms. Forms of an A on a paper, forms of small successes, like opening a jar that no one else could. Large successes like getting a big promotion you have wanted. But every success needs a reason, like the blame on someone, but the opposite. Its like we always need someone or something to "blame" for our success.
Sure when I got the perfect score on my art project or my civics presentation I could say that it was my success, and I caused it, which I did. Yet, I was not alone. I have found that Disney throughout my life has made me more successful. I have learned to always try my best, because that is a lesson that Walt Disney taught the world. When there was a war, he didn't give up. If he was sick or hurt, he didn't give up. When he lost Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, he still didn't give up. Each time something set him back, he turned around and kept on going. Our world would not be where it is today if he had just given up.
I have learned many lessons from Disney, but the one I treasure most is the one that really shows that we can succeed if we try our hardest and never give up. Even if we fail in the end, we can still look at ourselves and see success because we tried the hardest, and that is all that matters. I think that this is a lesson that keeps me going. It pushes me to get good grades, to finish that homework even in the late hours of the night. And when I feel like I am about to give up, I think of Disney, and Disney is what gets me through each day. We just always have to "keep moving forward" and we will always succeed.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Happy Place

My brother often asks me a question, and that question is, what is the first thing I think of when he says the word, Disney. I can never really think what the answer would be because I find that I am always thinking about Disney. Somewhere, in my mind, there is something, that is saying, Disney, a memory, picture, idea, or just the word itself. I know for one thing though, that I always find Disney World, to be my happy place. Some people will have a happy place on a beach, or even just in their bedroom, but in my dreams, thoughts, and mind, Disney World is always my happy place.

For the most part, at Disney World I can just get away from the outside would, and focus on the one before my eyes. I don't have to think about anything else, but being myself in every way, and I can just be happy. When we pass through the gates to Disney, you will see a smile come across my face, and it will be there even when I am asleep. I love Disney, and nothing will ever change that. I am Pound to be a Disney freak, and I would have it no other way.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Disney Really Means

What does Disney really mean to me? This is a question that I am asked from time to time, and I don't know how much more I could love it. Disney World means many many things to me, not only as a park either.

Walt Disney World has always been like my second home, and sometimes it feels more like home than my real home in Wisconsin. I have grown up there as well, and throughout my years there, I have always seen it from different ways as I grow up, as I have different points of view and different opinions, plus I am a different Hight! Disney World has always ment lots to me, and my friends all know that when it comes to Disney, I know it all. I have teachers ask me from time to time about their upcoming family vacations there and asking me questions on how to make the most of it.

I have also always wanted to work for Disney, it has just always been a dream of mine, and it still is. I work as hard as I can so that one day I can share more and more of the happiness that I can to those there to share the magic themselves. I always wanted to wear one of those cast member pins that says my name and where I am from, and maybe someday, you will find me there.

" When I am there, I am happy. You can see my face light up the sky, and my heart dance with the wind. It is my happy place. It is my second home, sometimes even more home than home. It is like part of my family, and without it I could not go on. "

" I become someone else when I am there. I am a kid again. The music fills my heart, and my mind fills with imagination. My eyes are filled with light, and in my hands, I hold the magic that brings it all together. "

"I live to be there. To share my magic with those around me, and sprinkle them with pixie dust."

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Learning Experience

As I have said before, I always learn something new when I make a trip to Disney World. Most people will put one sterotype on the Disney Parks, and that is Rides, Rides, Rides. The truth is though, that those of us who know Disney a bit better know that there is more than that sterotype. There is a huge learning experience there as well. I know so many things about Disney, and I am sure I could almost write a book on all of the things Disney has taught me, life lessons, and random information that I use everyday. You can learn history, science, literature, and even math, not only through the rides, but through many different things. There is a common saying, "Don't just rush through life, stop and smell the roses once and a while." This holds true for Disney World as well. Many people will spend a day at Epcot forsay, starting out their day riding rides, followed by a quick lunch, more rides, a quick dinner, and finishing out with Fireworks. Yes, even for many of us Disney Freaks, this holds true, but we also add in more to our days. We stop and "smell the roses" as we read and notice things we never did before, talk to a cast member, and eat somewhere that we have not in a while. Disney World is not just rides, rides and more rides, it is something more, and what I always say to people as my answer is "you just have to be there to understand".

Pixie Dust

Those of us who have been lucky enough to have more than one or two trips to a Disney park, we all find that each and everyone of our trips are different, and for different reasons. If they were all the same, what would be the point. I often have people ask me why I still love going to Disney World even with how many times I have been there. My answer is always, "There is always something different a change, a new ride, and a new experience to have." Of course, Disney is different for each person who goes there as well, making each experience even more different. You will never be able to finish everything at Disney World in a day or two, it would take months, and even with the large number of trips I have had, I still have not experienced it all. Sure, you can get all of the rides in from each park, but you will never have the full experience. Every trip I find something new, I learn something new, and I become more and more excited.

Although I have gone to Disney so many times, and many without new rides and such, there is always something new to do. Maybe you have not traveled a path at Animal Kingdom for years, or maybe you have not eaten at a restraunt before, even though it has been there the whole time. Each Disney trip is different, and each person is different, meaning that each day, there are millions of different Disney experiences for you to investagate. There are plenty of magical things that can happen, like the recent Disney endorcement, one for you to travel to Disney and get in free on your birthday. I did not take advantage of this, considering my birthday is in July, and it is just plain hot down there that time of year, but for many people this was a great offer, especially for those with young kids. If you eat at a sit-down restruant, it is quite possible that they will do something special for you on your special day. In the past, my family has been greeted with special food, and especially special desserts. This past vacation, my mom celebrated her birthday early, since hers is directly on christmas, it would be very hard to go down there that time of year. We went in early December, and even then it was busy enough, but either way, we still went and she always noted on each of our dinner reservations that she was celebrating her birthday. Which most of the time, ment something special for all of us. Our first night we ate at the Garden Grill in the land at Epcot, and for her birthday celebration, we recieved a special dessert, it was like a berry tart if I remember correctly. It was delicious. Another memory I have of my mom celebrating her birthday, only this time it was many years ago, but yet we were still at the Garden Grill, we recieved a different Speical Dessert, and Chip or Dale, one of the two chipmunks I know for certain came and put whipped cream on my mom's nose. It was funny, and the best part, we have it on video.

But Disney celebrations are not just for birthdays, there are many more magical things that happen at Disney World and Disney parks around the world everyday. What are some more of them? You will just have to keep reading to find out.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Funny Experience

As I travel to Florida and WDW more and more over the years, I find that I love to educate others about my favorite place. I started this blog with that same feeling and today I have a chance to experience it again. As I was waiting in between presentations today in my Civics class, my teacher came up to me and asked me a question. She is taking her kids on a family vacation to Disney World this summer and wanted to know if a 2 PM Lunch dining time was a good time to eat at Cinderella's Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom. They are going for Fourth of July, and my first reply, busy and hot. I agreed that a 2 PM dining time was good because of a few things. It is a later lunch, and most people will dine there at night or for an early lunch, and especially with reservations, it was a good idea. Second, it was in the heat of the day, and it will feel nice to get out of the extreme heat of the parks and get into some nice air conditioning. She thanked me and told me that she would have more questions for me in the future. I am happy to answer all of them, and most of all, I am just happy to share my knowledge that I have learned throughout the years I have gone on trips there. In fact, this trip I am going to try and spend more time looking and things, observing them, and I plan to keep a highly detailed journal of everything I see and do, including pictures of my dishes I eat, people I meet, places I go, and new things I discover. To tell the truth, I don't always want to leave my pet family here (I house 15 cats in my barn and have 1 house cat), and so they because my main priority, but now I am full blown excited about my trip to Disney this upcoming November, and I have no idea why, but I feel like I need to learn more and more about Disney, so I can make the most memorible vacation I have ever had, and take many more pictures for my desktop background and facebook profile that is.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Magical Memories

As everyone who travels to Walt Disney World, or any Disney park for that matter, we all have our Magical Memories. I myself have my own, and I cherish them with respect as I grow older. I once heard a saying, "growing old is inevitable, but growing up...well, that's optional". I actually have no idea who originally said this quote, but it does refer to Disney's Peter Pan, and the fact that Peter will never grow up, nor grow old as long as he is in Neverland, but for those of us who are forced to live outside of Neverland, we will always be kids at heart when it comes to Disney. A lot of my most magical memories are based on the fact that when I am at WDW, I can be more myself than I can anywhere else in the whole world, and I know that I can just be that kid in me, the kid that cannot be found here in Wisconsin as much.

My own magical memories go from special experiences to something as simple as a great day with my family. I didn't always know the heart within the Disney Magic, but as I grow a little older, I start to notice things I never did before, and I find that I am caring more and more about the thing that I love. I would have to say that my most magical memories are when I discover something I never knew about Disney before, and often, this happens at home as well. While reading a book or magazines about Disney World or Walt himself, I will learn something that will increase my knowledge of Disney, and this gives me more of a special feeling now more than it ever has before. Just tonight I was reading Celebrations Magazine and I found at least 5 things I never knew about Disney World in it, I even stumped my parents with one! While learning about Disney, I get this happy feeling, more carefree than anything, and I just felt good. The Thunderstorm going on outside my window dissapeared and my worries about school and homework went away, as I focused more and more about Disney.

Another one of my most magical memories and something I will remember for the rest of my life I am sure, it is the first time my family was family of the day at a Disney Restaurant. We were having a lunch at the Garden Grill in EPCOT, and we were named family of the day. We were served a special meal, and also got a free pass. Much to our Dissapointment, we were leaving that day, but we were still able to use the free pass to snag a last ride on Test Track.

I have many many more magical memories, but I will save some of them for another time. Now, I want to know what some of your magical memories are?

A Big Hello

Hi Everyone!

To start out, I am known as EpcotExpert, as my code name at least, and I have always loved Disney. I found that I love to write things, and I decided to increase my writing skills by starting a blog about the thing I love most, Disney. I am not very old, in fact I am only 14, a Freshman in High School in the 2009-2010 school year. I have been to Disney World 18 times in my life, along with having gone on 2 Disney Cruise Line Trips. No, I have never been to Disneyland, but I absolutely love Disney World, and I am sure there are a lot of kids just like me out there. It just so happens I could be the only "Disney kid" in my school, since I live in a small Wisconsin town.

As I write on this blog, I will try to find more and more people who are just like me, as I already know of quite a few, but I just need to find more. I will try to post as often as I can, about different topics, all including Disney of course!

If you would like to contact me, please do, at ! If sending me an email, please give it a subject line called WDW Kids, so I will know what it is and who it is from.