Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Magical Memories

As everyone who travels to Walt Disney World, or any Disney park for that matter, we all have our Magical Memories. I myself have my own, and I cherish them with respect as I grow older. I once heard a saying, "growing old is inevitable, but growing up...well, that's optional". I actually have no idea who originally said this quote, but it does refer to Disney's Peter Pan, and the fact that Peter will never grow up, nor grow old as long as he is in Neverland, but for those of us who are forced to live outside of Neverland, we will always be kids at heart when it comes to Disney. A lot of my most magical memories are based on the fact that when I am at WDW, I can be more myself than I can anywhere else in the whole world, and I know that I can just be that kid in me, the kid that cannot be found here in Wisconsin as much.

My own magical memories go from special experiences to something as simple as a great day with my family. I didn't always know the heart within the Disney Magic, but as I grow a little older, I start to notice things I never did before, and I find that I am caring more and more about the thing that I love. I would have to say that my most magical memories are when I discover something I never knew about Disney before, and often, this happens at home as well. While reading a book or magazines about Disney World or Walt himself, I will learn something that will increase my knowledge of Disney, and this gives me more of a special feeling now more than it ever has before. Just tonight I was reading Celebrations Magazine and I found at least 5 things I never knew about Disney World in it, I even stumped my parents with one! While learning about Disney, I get this happy feeling, more carefree than anything, and I just felt good. The Thunderstorm going on outside my window dissapeared and my worries about school and homework went away, as I focused more and more about Disney.

Another one of my most magical memories and something I will remember for the rest of my life I am sure, it is the first time my family was family of the day at a Disney Restaurant. We were having a lunch at the Garden Grill in EPCOT, and we were named family of the day. We were served a special meal, and also got a free pass. Much to our Dissapointment, we were leaving that day, but we were still able to use the free pass to snag a last ride on Test Track.

I have many many more magical memories, but I will save some of them for another time. Now, I want to know what some of your magical memories are?

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