Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Learning Experience

As I have said before, I always learn something new when I make a trip to Disney World. Most people will put one sterotype on the Disney Parks, and that is Rides, Rides, Rides. The truth is though, that those of us who know Disney a bit better know that there is more than that sterotype. There is a huge learning experience there as well. I know so many things about Disney, and I am sure I could almost write a book on all of the things Disney has taught me, life lessons, and random information that I use everyday. You can learn history, science, literature, and even math, not only through the rides, but through many different things. There is a common saying, "Don't just rush through life, stop and smell the roses once and a while." This holds true for Disney World as well. Many people will spend a day at Epcot forsay, starting out their day riding rides, followed by a quick lunch, more rides, a quick dinner, and finishing out with Fireworks. Yes, even for many of us Disney Freaks, this holds true, but we also add in more to our days. We stop and "smell the roses" as we read and notice things we never did before, talk to a cast member, and eat somewhere that we have not in a while. Disney World is not just rides, rides and more rides, it is something more, and what I always say to people as my answer is "you just have to be there to understand".

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