Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pixie Dust

Those of us who have been lucky enough to have more than one or two trips to a Disney park, we all find that each and everyone of our trips are different, and for different reasons. If they were all the same, what would be the point. I often have people ask me why I still love going to Disney World even with how many times I have been there. My answer is always, "There is always something different a change, a new ride, and a new experience to have." Of course, Disney is different for each person who goes there as well, making each experience even more different. You will never be able to finish everything at Disney World in a day or two, it would take months, and even with the large number of trips I have had, I still have not experienced it all. Sure, you can get all of the rides in from each park, but you will never have the full experience. Every trip I find something new, I learn something new, and I become more and more excited.

Although I have gone to Disney so many times, and many without new rides and such, there is always something new to do. Maybe you have not traveled a path at Animal Kingdom for years, or maybe you have not eaten at a restraunt before, even though it has been there the whole time. Each Disney trip is different, and each person is different, meaning that each day, there are millions of different Disney experiences for you to investagate. There are plenty of magical things that can happen, like the recent Disney endorcement, one for you to travel to Disney and get in free on your birthday. I did not take advantage of this, considering my birthday is in July, and it is just plain hot down there that time of year, but for many people this was a great offer, especially for those with young kids. If you eat at a sit-down restruant, it is quite possible that they will do something special for you on your special day. In the past, my family has been greeted with special food, and especially special desserts. This past vacation, my mom celebrated her birthday early, since hers is directly on christmas, it would be very hard to go down there that time of year. We went in early December, and even then it was busy enough, but either way, we still went and she always noted on each of our dinner reservations that she was celebrating her birthday. Which most of the time, ment something special for all of us. Our first night we ate at the Garden Grill in the land at Epcot, and for her birthday celebration, we recieved a special dessert, it was like a berry tart if I remember correctly. It was delicious. Another memory I have of my mom celebrating her birthday, only this time it was many years ago, but yet we were still at the Garden Grill, we recieved a different Speical Dessert, and Chip or Dale, one of the two chipmunks I know for certain came and put whipped cream on my mom's nose. It was funny, and the best part, we have it on video.

But Disney celebrations are not just for birthdays, there are many more magical things that happen at Disney World and Disney parks around the world everyday. What are some more of them? You will just have to keep reading to find out.

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