Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Disney Really Means

What does Disney really mean to me? This is a question that I am asked from time to time, and I don't know how much more I could love it. Disney World means many many things to me, not only as a park either.

Walt Disney World has always been like my second home, and sometimes it feels more like home than my real home in Wisconsin. I have grown up there as well, and throughout my years there, I have always seen it from different ways as I grow up, as I have different points of view and different opinions, plus I am a different Hight! Disney World has always ment lots to me, and my friends all know that when it comes to Disney, I know it all. I have teachers ask me from time to time about their upcoming family vacations there and asking me questions on how to make the most of it.

I have also always wanted to work for Disney, it has just always been a dream of mine, and it still is. I work as hard as I can so that one day I can share more and more of the happiness that I can to those there to share the magic themselves. I always wanted to wear one of those cast member pins that says my name and where I am from, and maybe someday, you will find me there.

" When I am there, I am happy. You can see my face light up the sky, and my heart dance with the wind. It is my happy place. It is my second home, sometimes even more home than home. It is like part of my family, and without it I could not go on. "

" I become someone else when I am there. I am a kid again. The music fills my heart, and my mind fills with imagination. My eyes are filled with light, and in my hands, I hold the magic that brings it all together. "

"I live to be there. To share my magic with those around me, and sprinkle them with pixie dust."

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