Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Very "Tangled" Perspective

Well I can't say that I didn't like the newest Disney movie "Tangled" because I loved it. I can easily say that Rapunzel and Flynn (Eugene) Ryder are my two newest favorite Disney characters, and probably will be for quite some time. This movie was quite obsessive for me, in fact, I saw it twice. The only other movie I've seen twice in theaters like that was Disney Pixar's "Cars" which I saw at least two (maybe three) times in a theater. It bothers me that I must wait months to see it again.

Tangled was, easier said than done, the perfect Disney movie. You had the main characters, Rapunzel and Flynn, both very strong and independent characters, the sub-characters Maximus and Pascal, who on their own, will be very popular, the villain, one of the best, Mother Gothel, and the classic storyline with a twist. Not to mention that 70 ft of long golden locks that Rapunzel wears throughout the movie and the frying pan that seems to be more of a character than all the thugs put together (it had its own animator). The classic Disney princess love story is there, with a beautiful lantern scene worth watching, the adventure, which is there all the time, the humor, I must say I've never seen a Disney movie more funny than this (other than maybe the Pixars), and finally, the amazing music and soundtrack. Overall, Tangled was amazing, and even with the name changes that made many mad, I think it made a good change, it made it different from the other princess stories, and in theory, it was much different from other princess stories.

For instance, Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) wasn't the "main" character in the movie, but eventually ends up falling in love with Aladdin and Aladdin becomes the prince. The movie had a princess in it, but wasn't classified as a "Princess movie" because Jasmine wasn't the main character. In Cinderella, the main character is...well, Cinderella, and follows the stories much like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Tangled on the other hand, isn't just about a princess (although Flynn does say it is at the beginning), its about Flynn too, and the journey that the two travel together. Its a Princess movie that isn't a "princess movie" and so, Tangled fits perfectly. Rapunzel wouldn't classify the movie as well, because that's just not the kind of movie it is. Princess and the Frog in 2009 proved that boys in particular didn't want to see a movie that started with "Princess", even though the movie had a very prominent cast of male characters. Tangled will be known as a classic for many years, no matter what the name is, and I highly suggest you see it if you can before it goes out of theaters, and if you are not able to, buy it on DVD for sure.

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