Friday, January 7, 2011

The First Impression[s]

When we all first arrive somewhere that we want to be, what do you think? Is it, "Oh My Gosh, I'm here!" or maybe "Look at that!". Sure we all have out different opinion on what we think when we first get to that place, but I'll tell you about my first "impression" everytime I come to Disney World.

Whenever I come to Disney World, I have the same thought everytime I come. Maybe not as much now as what I used to, but its similar each time. When I was very little my parents would wake me up early in the morning, often at around 3 or 4 AM, so we could drive to the airport, drop our van off with a friend, and go to get on the plane. I would be so exciting to walk through the Chicago airport and see all the lights, or to finally liftoff the ground in the airplane, and then sleep most of the way to Florida, other than to eat a cookie or drink a soda.

Finally we would land in Florida, and the one thing I remember loving the most was hearing the sound of our luggage running over the tile floors in the Orlando Airport. Why, I have no idea, but I just loved to hear that sound. Then came the drive that seemed to take longer than it should, but it was also the shortest drive I've ever been on. Soon enough we would drive through the gates to Disney World, and I wouldn't celebrate yet. I would hardly notice them. It was when I finally saw the first glimpse of Spaceship Earth that I always knew that I was finally on vacation. Not sitting in school or at home, I was finally there. Spaceship Earth has always been my favorite ride, and always the first my family will go on when we travel to Disney, since it was the first Disney ride I was ever on (at the young age of 1). The sights, smells, and especially the sounds of EPCOT would surround me, and I would be happy as I walked into that park, because finally, after a year of waiting, I was home.

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